Reg. No.: LV42403045222
Zivju iela 3, k-2,
Riga LV-1015,
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Strategically located on the Baltic sea coast, with facilities in Tallinn and Riga
Total of five docks that can accommodate vessels of up to 145 meters
Operational safety is paramount
We understand your needs and guarantee results that will surpass your expectations



  • Dock repairs: propeller works of all kinds, including works on variable-pitch propellers;
  • Sandblasting of hulls of up to SA2.5 grade. Hydrocleaning with pressure of up to 1500 bar;
  • All types of coating, including ice coating and hot zinc metallizing;
  • Cleaning of fuel and ballast tanks, disposal of oil residue and bilge water;
  • Sandblasting and coating of cargo and ballast tanks, including Marine Line coating for cargo tanks;
  • Hull works: replacement of metal parts, including installations of any complexity and weight. Welding of all shipbuilding steels (as well as stainless steel) and aluminum fabrication by certified welders;
  • Pipe works: repair, replacement and installation of new piping and fitting systems; fabrication and repair of galvanized, stainless steel and non-ferrous pipes;
  • Mechanical works: repair of main and auxiliary engines, gas turbochargers and regulators; inspection of ship mechanisms; repair of deck and lifting mechanisms, pumps and heat exchangers; piston honing;
  • Hatch cover repair, adjustment, and fabrication;
  • Repair of ship boilers with tube replacement;
  • Repair of all range of dredging vessel equipment (dredgers), Hardox steel welding;
  • Repair and refitting of fishing and reefer vessels;
  • Full range of hydraulic works, production and repair of hydraulic cylinders, replacement of hydraulic pipes, repair of hydraulic pumps, motors, etc.
  • Repair of azimuth propulsion systems by Rolls-Royce, Shottel and others;
  • Electrical works, including repair of electric motors, generators, pulling and restoration of cable routing and power panels, measuring of insulation resistance and vibration analysis of electric equipment;
  • Repair of shipboard accommodations, repair and replacement of shipboard furniture;
  • Insulation work for living and working areas, including RSW tanks; insulation of pipelines;
  • Repair of life-saving equipment and CO2 stations.


  • Installation of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) from different manufacturers – Alfa Laval, Desmi, Erma First, Techcross, etc;
  • Installation of exhaust gas scrubbers;
  • Lengthening and complete rebuilding of vessels;
  • Replacement of main and auxiliary engines, gearboxes and shipboard equipment of any kind, including thrusters;
  • Conversion of dry cargo ships into self-discharging vessels, including manufacturing of beams for loaders and installation of special equipment;
  • Conversion of marine tugboats into pushboats; installation of coupling devices and high deckhouses.
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